6 Hidden Features in Facebook Messenger You Might Not Know

6 Hidden Features in Facebook Messenger You Might Not Know

In the last few years, Facebook has gone a long way in promoting its Messenger as a different platform. It is getting loaded and equipped with amazing features almost each passing day. Of recent, Messenger Lite – a spick and span edition of the Messenger app for affordable Smartphone was launched.

Nearly everybody that makes use of Facebook for one reason or another also utilizes the Messenger. Nevertheless, Messenger is quite beyond sending GIFs, pictures, emojis and texts.

Here are 6 Useful Facebook Messenger features you might need in your day to day activities.

Messenger Links

You can use the Messenger Link to get in touch with someone, apart from the Messenger Code. You can locate your own messenger link in the Settings.


This particular feature is on Android and it lets you generates shortcuts of your Messenger contacts. Therefore, you can go straight to their chat page without having to open the Messenger app. In addition, you can fashion shortcut for a group.

If you want to generate a shortcut therefore, hit and grasp a name in your chat history and then hit Create Shortcut option. This simple instruction will then show on your home screen.

Share Your GPS Location

The Facebook Messenger app will let you share your GPS location with your friends, as you will fid it in WhatsApp. You will be required to hit the grey square icon having 3 dots located on the chat screen, and hit the Share Location button. You will get it underneath the right of the screen on top of the thumbs up button.

Engage in Discussion with more than one people at the Same Time

It is possible or you to engage in discussion with more than one people at the same time, as soon as you make a group in Messenger. On the other hand, you can make a voice call to people in attendance in a group.

Hit the phone icon located on the chat screen and select the name you want to add in the Group call. Moreover, it is possible for you to call special people not in the same group by hitting the Group Call option below the phone icon on the main screen of Messenger.


This is the feature you use to address people by their nicknames in Facebook Messenger, because you don’t call people by their official names, particularly your close friends, siblings and cousins. Once you hit i button, you will get the Nicknames feature.

Use Messenger with no Facebook Account

You can use the Facebook Messenger with your phone number to get in touch with your friends, if you are not on the Facebook social network, as it is possible on Google Duo, WhatsApp and other available messaging apps.

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