Creation Of Virtual Reality World by Facebook

Creation Of Virtual Reality World by Facebook

Facebook is the most widely used mobile application. Facebook is ranking at the top of the list of the most downloaded mobile apps. Facebook users are always awaiting something new from it. Here is the latest news, according to Facebook is creating a virtual reality world having an immersive environment called Horizon.

Virtual Reality World or Horizon

This Horizon will tempt people to spend more time in this virtual reality world or VR world. This VR app will have features where people can chat and mingle and play games against each other. People would be able to explore the virtual spaces and world via cartoon avatar. An elegant group of Facebook users will examine this app in early 2020 and after testing will be made available.

Guides to VR world or Horizon

At a conference of Facebook which was held this week, the latest footage of the VR world and details of the Horizon were shown off. According to Facebook, Horizon users would be able to make a call on human “guides” to get more information about the virtual world. These guides would include special tools that will guide their users to manage their interaction with many other users. It will also include options to design their avatar and shape their part of the environment. The whole space is like a cartoon-like feel.


Facebook owns a virtual reality company called Oculus. You can enter in the computer-generated world by a series of headsets released by the Oculus. Oculus Quest and Rift users would be able to use Horizon. However, this is not the first social VR app that Facebook is releasing. The company revealed that in 2017, a virtual reality app called Facebook spaces was introduced that allows you to hang out with your family and friends. You can also take selfies in a virtual park or your favorite environment.

Report of Sam Machkovech

A reporter for Ars Technica, Sam Machkovech, has tried the Horizon and reported that Facebook had put a ton of work into this version to make it more interesting to tempt people more. But he also noticed that it was just another combination of different apps made by Facebook. However, to encourage effort, he also added that the launching of this VR world is in most awaiting lists.

Anyone interested can become a part to test Horizon by just signing up, but after 25 October the current Oculus Rooms and VR-hangouts-Facebook Spaces will be closed.

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