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Creation Of Virtual Reality World by Facebook

Facebook is the most widely used mobile application. Facebook is ranking at the top of the list of the most downloaded mobile apps. Facebook users are always awaiting something new from it. Here is the latest news, according to Facebook

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Facebook Re-education of its Videos Feature

Every year, Facebook introduces a good bundle of either new or renovated features and services along with some new privacy measures and settings; and with the increasing interest in the Facebook video features such as the live chatting sessions and

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Facebook Messenger New “Delete” Feature


Have you ever regretted a message you sent and wished you could’ve been able to take it back? Well, in the upcoming months deleting messages you already sent could be a reality. Recently, Facebook declared that the ability to unsent

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Facebook Messenger introduces End to End Encryption


Facebook messenger has a big importance in the app world where many new options come on the scene every day. This app is already famous for its security and transparency but it still wants to progress in this way. That‘s

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Facebook and Cristiano Ronaldo Versus Kim Kardashian


It is a milestone that any website would love to have, a billion users. That’s what Facebook has just cleared this past week, and tech analysts are already talking a stock jump. The site’s power continues to grow, even though

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Tips for Sending a Facebook Messenger without Using Facebook Messenger


There is no doubt about the fact that for all your conversations, Facebook would like to see you use its own Messenger app for whatever conversation you want to do. If you must use Facebook Messenger, here is the way

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