Facebook Messenger introduces End to End Encryption

Facebook Messenger introduces End to End Encryption

Facebook messenger has a big importance in the app world where many new options come on the scene every day. This app is already famous for its security and transparency but it still wants to progress in this way. That‘s the reason why Facebook looks for new changes on its messaging app by adding new features and boosting security. Many users want Facebook to be overwhelming, with great opportunities and never failing to protect them. They insist on protection in terms of conversation with colleagues, when transforming confidential information and in sharing sensitive announcements.

Facebook recognized the latest needs of users and started to develop end to end encryption system. The project contains a secret conversation allowing users to communicate with friends by not revealing any information to the third party. In this way, users can assure protection on Facebook messenger as the conversation will be read only by the receiver. Of course, the provider is not able to see any communication between you and your friends as the security is on the high level.

The next interesting feature on the Facebook messenger includes secret conversations where users can set a timer and manage with received messages. With this timer, you will able to set how long the exact message will be visible in the communication unit. The systems have the support of Signal protocol, produced by Open Whisper system.

If you want to start with the secret conversation, you are able to do it on a voluntary basis. Most of the users don‘t prefer the option because they want to see all messages on each kind of devices. This includes tablets, desktops, and mobiles which mean that messages sent as a part of the secret conversation will be only available on one device. In addition, a secret conversation is not a favorite option because of the lack of features such as GIFs, videos or payments. The option of secret conversation is not still fully available, but we expect it to be more developed in the next period. For now, you can try with the messenger secret conversations test, give feedback and express opinion about the feature. There is no doubt that encryption, as well as the secret conversation, will be popular features.

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