Facebook Wants to Make Obligatory its Messenger App

Facebook Wants to Make Obligatory its Messenger App

Millions of smartphone users spend time on Facebook every day. In the most cases, they chat with messenger app on their ISO and Android gadgets. On these devices, each user must install messenger app in order to chat with friends and colleagues. On the other side, the significant number of them use Facebook from the mobile browser by avoiding the need to install the app. Following this practice, Facebook started to warn users about future changings. It includes limitation for users on mobile browsers and making the installing app as the only option.

Officials from Facebook said that previous allegations will help users in enjoying the app more. As they reported, Facebook has been working for years to expand its features by adding a bunch of new things as video calls, gifs and emoji. These activities helped provider to be more popular for users worldwide and to grow on the constant basis. Because of this, Facebook must continue in the same direction and make its app more interesting.

Taking a look at messenger app, we can notice that some of the options regularly available in the app are not visible in the mobile browser version. The examples are voice and video calls, chat boxes and sometimes sending and receiving messages on platforms. This is the main reason why Facebook has decided to continue with this idea. However, the regular users are not able of doing anything but installing its app.

Some of the interested parties want to know why Facebook decided to make this step. Some of the possible answers point that provider wants to build a special platform for controlling users. At the same time, many experts notice that Facebook did the same with investing in its Whatsapp. For most of users, Whats app is the perfect replacement for Facebook messenger and its large competitor. Probably, they are not familiar with the fact that Facebook holds Whats app under its power while attracting those who have decided not to use messenger app.

Moreover, Facebook has recently introduced the Instagram app for sharing your favorite photos. In the beginning, the application was independent but shortly after that Facebook started to include its features. Anyway, this is the perfect step from the provider as more users will be attracted especially those who don‘t prefer Facebook for posting photos or videos. Step by step, Facebook conquers the mobile market industry in the great style.

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