Tips for Sending a Facebook Messenger without Using Facebook Messenger

Tips for Sending a Facebook Messenger without Using Facebook Messenger

There is no doubt about the fact that for all your conversations, Facebook would like to see you use its own Messenger app for whatever conversation you want to do. If you must use Facebook Messenger, here is the way you can use the service without the application.

Use the Web Browser

For people who want to make use of the Facebook Messenger service without the need of installing the app, the web version of Facebook is still a possible alternative even as it tries very hard not to be helpful. All you need to do is to launch a browser on your phone and plot a course to the Facebook website.

You will see the standard options crossways to the top of your Search, Notifications, Conversations, Friends, and Timeline, right on the main page. Tapping this will inform you right away that Messenger has move and the next thing you will do is to open the Google Play Store at the Facebook Messenger page.

This may seem as if you have to install the app but you can choose your window browser again, if you double click the Home button on iOS or tap the Recent Apps button on Android.

Use a PC

It may sound silly and look stupid to use a PC, when all you need is to get your message sent, without making use of the app. Just visit the Facebook website, sign in and make use of the conversation section as you normally do. It is Just an uncomplicated messaging service without annoying direct or app.

Make Use of a Third Party App

You can use a third party app to access the Messenger features. The most popular one on iOS is Friendly – a complete Facebook app with incredible idea of keeping the messaging section in its digital walls. People using Android can give Friendly beta a try or get the same functionality in Lite Messenger.

Don’t use it at all

It is recommended that you try out some of the other exceptional messaging options that work with no need of dictating stupid conditions to their users. Facebook may have attracted more users because People are still using the service. If it continues to impose frustrating conditions on us, perhaps we should look for other options out there.

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