Facebook Using Its Own App to Rally Support for Internet.Org in India

Facebook Using Its Own App to Rally Support for Internet.Org in India

Google immediately attracts lots of attention when it used its huge popular homepage for anything that is not related to searches. This similar sort of scrutiny has now been seen to be directed at Facebook, a company that has got the power of reaching billions of people across the mobile and web with any of the message that they opt. the company is now using this form of access in India to offer a push for the cause of Internet.org; this is without giving the users an opportunity to voice their disagreements with the principles of the services. Recently, a new banner has shown u in the main website and app of Facebook in India. This presents a very simple question: “Do you want India to have free basic internet services?”

In most cases, very many people will just consider hitting the “Yes, I am in” button without even having a second thought. Basically, everyone would wish for a free internet on their device, although if you have been keeping up with the controversies that are rising around Internet.org, you would have very valid reasons to perfectly disagree with Mark Zuckerberg’s approach of spreading web access in the regions where people have problems with internet connectivity. In the case of India, Facebook doesn’t have an option for giving any negative feedback, although the only other prompt is “Not Now.”

You Can Either Consider Showing Support or Telling Facebook “Not Now”

One of the Facebook’s spokespersons told Quartz that their goal is to offer India’s internet users a voice with their government to share their support for given programs such as Internet.org, which will widely assist in overcoming barriers to connectivity around their country. This will be a positive response result for Facebook by automatically filling out a comment reply which indicates that people are in support of the Internet.org mission.

The Internet.org services have been received with lots of stiff critics more so in India that mainly involve the disregard for neutrality for net. This backlash has been noticed by Facebook that has prompted it to open Internet.org to some new mobile partners where they have allowed some more partners in it. In other attempts of dispelling any perceptions that are negative, the company published a post of “Myths and Facts” on their blog. According to the post on the page, Internet.org doesn’t create a two-tiered internet. They further indicated that this service offers users with some free internet that is basic, and after they have gained an understanding of the importance of internet, they can access it outside Internet.org.

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