Facebook and Cristiano Ronaldo Versus Kim Kardashian

Facebook and Cristiano Ronaldo Versus Kim Kardashian

It is a milestone that any website would love to have, a billion users. That’s what Facebook has just cleared this past week, and tech analysts are already talking a stock jump. The site’s power continues to grow, even though some touted that “ello” and other social media startups were set to take down the giant.

Facebook’s dominance has taken time, and though they are still growing, it’s a mighty sight with a lot to offer. With the announcement of the billion users, analysts have gone back to showcase some things you may not know about the site, including the first users, and more.

The Best Job In The World

How much do you make an hour? Be honest now. If you didn’t say $2 million an hour, then you are far behind. Facebook makes this amount of revenue every hour. That’s right, that type of money is what will come to you if you can create a page that has a billion users. Not shabby right? Now times that by 24 hours a day, every day, and you’ll see why this is not a small milestone at all.

Divorce Rates Jump

Did you know that Facebook is a major cause of divorce around the world right now? The numbers are already against marriage, as more than half of them end in divorce, but the reason today is social media. Not only that, people take on affairs, and so much more, all thanks to the social giant.

Cristiano Ronaldo Versus Kim Kardashian

Who would you pick to be the top person to be talked about on Facebook? Seriously. If you said Kim K, you’re wrong. Ronaldo is the top draw of celebrity news and hits on the site. He has trumped Shakira in terms of global reach, and he’s never wanted to “break the internet”.

Pop Culture on Facebook

Did you know that the site’s number one liked pop culture element is The Simpsons? The number one television show across the entire site belongs to this long running cartoon program. Everyone seems to love the family that has been on the air for a very long time.

The Employment Numbers

Even though there are one billion people using the social network, only a fraction of them work there. How many people does the company employ? Well, when you consider only around 11,000 people work for Facebook, you start to see that the company isn’t exactly hiring everyone that gets an account.

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