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Yahoo introduced News option on Facebook Messenger


Internet providers work very dedicated on popularizing services for chatting, entertaining and reporting. Besides Google browser, which has the first place in the browser world, Yahoo represents a serious competitor fighting for its place in the internet world. The American

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Facebook Messenger and Bank Transactions


Facebook messenger has become a place where people can carry out many requirements. It can be chatting with friends, sharing videos and images or making bank payments. There are many critics who don‘t perceive Messenger as an interesting option anymore,

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Facebook introduces Bots Store for Facebook Messenger


It was long ago when the scientists start to think about inventing robots and smart technologies. It was also a truth that some ideas started developing at that time, but not before this very moment we had the situation that

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Facebook Messenger introduced new Conversational Option


How many times you have some complaints about received services? Also, how many times you didn’t have a choice whom to turn to in case of objections. This might happen on a regular basis and not only in the face

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Facebook Wants to Make Obligatory its Messenger App


Millions of smartphone users spend time on Facebook every day. In the most cases, they chat with messenger app on their ISO and Android gadgets. On these devices, each user must install messenger app in order to chat with friends

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Download Latest Facebook Messanger and enjoy Newest Features


There is no individual with the smartphone gadget who didn‘t hear about the Facebook Messenger. This app is the best place for interacting with millions of users throughout the globe. At the same time, information reported that messenger is the

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