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6 Hidden Features in Facebook Messenger You Might Not Know


In the last few years, Facebook has gone a long way in promoting its Messenger as a different platform. It is getting loaded and equipped with amazing features almost each passing day. Of recent, Messenger Lite – a spick and

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Facebook Messenger Adopts All New Stories Feature


  Facebook Messenger has become the most recent messaging app to join the bandwagon of apps that have adopted a new feature called Stories. Earlier, several messaging apps such as Snapchat have adopted Stories. If you are hearing about Stories

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Facebook Using Its Own App to Rally Support for Internet.Org in India


Google immediately attracts lots of attention when it used its huge popular homepage for anything that is not related to searches. This similar sort of scrutiny has now been seen to be directed at Facebook, a company that has got

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Optimize Facebook Ad Campaigns Based On Conversions


Any moment from now, Facebook will be launching an enhanced version of its Conversion Lift measurement tool, which was initially launched in January. In the past, Facebook only permitted people to measure whether your ad campaign was really improving offline and

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Facebook “I Don’t LIKE” Button


Facebook is currently working on an “I DON’T LIKE” (Dislike) button, although it won’t function as you are thinking. For many years, Facebook has had a “like” button that assists its users’ in expressing approval of status updates or links.

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Facebook Messenger Passes One-Billion-User Mark


This past Wednesday, Facebook stated that the Facebook Messenger now has more than 1.2 billion users each and every month. Back in July 2016, it had finally reached one billion users. Facebook Messenger became a standalone app back in 2014

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